Turkish Dictionary

Turkish Dictionary 0.2

Turkish Dictionary is a free bilingual English-Turkish dictionary for Windows

Turkish Dictionary is a free bilingual English-Turkish dictionary for Windows. This program has been designed to help us translate words from/to English and Turkish. In order to work, this dictionary requires an Internet connection and being online. The program installation is very easy for everyone. Its size is rather small and it takes no time to download. The new version 0.2 of Turkish Dictionary has been enhanced and now it is much simpler to use. Once installed, we can access the dictionary from our desktop or from the Start menu. After selecting the program, a small book icon will be displayed at the bottom of our desktop. We can then configure three settings (that are completely new features): choose to start the program with Windows Startup, keep the window with the translation on top of any other application, and choose the hotkeys combination to open the Turkish dictionary site online. It is also possible to access the Turkish dictionary online directly, view the program information and exit the program. The dictionary works like this: First, we should point the English or Turkish word that we wish to translate with our mouse cursor (this word can be located anywhere in our desktop). Next, we press the hotkeys combination that we have previously specified (or use the default hotkeys). After a few seconds, a pop-up window will appear with the Turkish Dictionary online web page showing the translation(s) of the selected word. We are allowed to use this pop-up window to make further searches. This program runs under Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 OS.

Review summary


  • Light-weight
  • It supports searches to/from Turkish and English


  • It needs .Net Framework to work
  • Sometimes it goes very slow or does not work at all
  • If the word is not isolated in a line the program does not recognize it
  • You should be online when working with the program
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